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Quick Nmap ping sweep and output to grep-able format

Start with laying out what range of IP addresses you want to scan. I’d suggest keeping it limited to your specific targets. Then run this as root: nmap -sn -v -oG nmapped.txt -sn (No port scan) .This option tells Nmap not to do a port scan after host discovery, and only print...
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PingSweep with Scapy

Want to get a bit geekier with your ping sweeps? Python Scapy can be used to create, modify, send, and intercept network packets and any TCP/IP layer. Here is a simple ping sweep script with Python Scapy: !/usr/bin/python from scapy.all import * TIMEOUT = 2 conf.verb = 0 for ip in range(201, 256): #Change it...
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