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Automate DNS Zone Transfer

/bin/bash #Simple zone transfer bash script with $1 being first argument given #Tested against zonetransfer.me #for example ./zonetransfer.sh zonetransfer.me if [ -z "$1" ];then echo "[] Simple Zone Transfer script" echo "[] Usage : $0 " exit 0 fi #if argument was given, identify DNS servers for domain. #For each of these servers, attempt a zone transfer for server...
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SNMPWALK against multiple IP address

For a recent test, I needed to perform multiple snmpwalk scans against a set of IP addresses. Instead of running each scan separately, I was able to write a bash script. Enjoy: for ip in $(cat snmpWindowsIPs.txt); do echo "----------------------------------------------------"; echo " [+] Testing " $ip; echo "----------------------------------------------------"; echo " " echo "----------------------------------------------------"; echo " [-] Enumerating Windows Users "; echo "----------------------------------------------------"; snmpwalk -c...
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My journey towards OSCP

I’ve started studying for Offensive Security Certified Profession (OSCP) certification also called Penetration Testing with Kali (PWK). This certification claims to give you good grip on penetration testing which includes network and application side of things. When you sign up for 30, 60, or 90 days of labs ($$$) you will be greeted with some test time in...
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