TOR Network Compromised

Reports are coming in that TOR network has been compromised. @torproject issued a warning,

Possible upcoming attempts to disable the Tor network #Tor #anonymity #humanrights

— torproject (@torproject) December 19, 2014

First, #cthulhuSec’s mirrors were compromised. Although @CthulhuSec claims his mirrors are back online, I’m not quite sure if we’re ready to trust the mirrors yet.

Mirrors back online, removal from blacklist requested:

— TheCthulhu (@CthulhuSec) December 22, 2014

According to, *“Thomas White (@CthulhuSec), an operator of a large cluster of servers providing an exit point for Tor traffic in the Netherlands, warned of a suspicious activity overnight on the servers. The targeted servers, according to DNS data, were hosted in a data center in Rotterdam.” *I respect @CthulhuSec but firmly believe in caution. Especially when TOR project hasn’t lifted the warning yet:

If you are brave enough, here’s something reassuring:

So far, so good: The Tor network is still safe and fully functional and no attempts to disable the network have been detected.

— torproject (@torproject) December 22, 2014