Symantec and NY Times hack

So Chinese hacked NY Times and Symantec didn’t do its job — it’s nothing new. Symantec has proven to be a bad antivirus solution over the years. During my internship at Health Solutions Plus, Inc., I had the pleasure of comparing Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender head-to-head. For testing purposes, I downloaded malware from Offensive Computing website and some free tool-bars e.g. infamous Babylon on a virtual machine. While McAfee and Symantec refused to install on this machine, Kaspersky and Bitdfender ran antivirus scan during install and were able to install successfully. Kaspersky, in the end, only found 6 malware before freezing. Bitdefender was able to find 144 malware out of 150 total. Yes, an A/V solution alone isn’t your best defense against malware but.. it helps to have a good one. I personally use Bitdefender and recommend it to everyone.